Weekly Dispatch, May 25th, 2023
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St. John's Weekly Dispatch, v. 2

St. John's Schedule

  • Catechesis Hour – Sundays at 9:00am before Church
  • Holy Eucharist – Sundays at 10:30am at Church and via Facebook
  • Chad Sanner’s Ordination to the Priesthood – Friday, May 26th,at 6:30pm at Zion United Church of Christ
  • Bishop Visitation/Confirmations – Sunday, May 28th at Church
  • Eagle and Child – Thursday, June 1st, 7:00pm at TBD

A Message from Fr. Joe

Fr. Joe shared a video update this week on two upcoming events we have to look forward to this weekend. Click the photo above to watch.

If you would like to support St. John's during this time, you can give online by clicking the button below. You may also send a check to the following address:

PO BOX 36591, CANTON OH 44735

    Sunday After the Ascension by Dcn. David

    A message from the series "Sermons from Lectionary Texts." Our deacon, David Beer, shared heartfelt reflections on the event of the Ascension and the mission we are given. We are called to be witnesses of the Gospel, and the implications to not be surprised by the trials we face but rejoice in such suffering. We rejoice because passing the faith on to others is a worthy effort to endure all things.

    Read more
    Join us every first and third (usually) Thursday night for our Eagle and Child reading group! This is a group that meets to discuss and apply classic works in Christian theology and classical literature from the likes of Lewis, Augustine, Bonhoeffer, and other important authors. We are currently reading Chesterton's The Everlasting Man and discussing his interesting case for the uniqueness of humans, and in particular, Jesus Christ.
    Cana Vox is a discussion group where those who support a classical understanding of marriage can explore the controversial issues in a calm, deliberative setting that is not subject to the hostilities found in today's public discourse on the topic. We seek to discuss thoughtful responses to the confusion surrounding marriage in our culture. We are not meeting currently, but if you have interest, contact Dcn. Chad about starting up another session.

    St. Jacob’s Community Church Update

    As you know, the Vestry is in conversation, prayer, and discernment with St. Jacob’s Community Church potentially giving their property to us. We visited the church, learned more about them, and shared some next steps. St. Jacob’s will be taking time to prayerfully consider their options, looking into their bylaws for these decisions, and will keep us informed. Fr. Joe crafted a letter introducing St. John’s, our community, values, and vision, which will be communicated through their pastor. Please remember that we are taking our time alongside them. Neither church is rushing into anything, and as things develop, we will be inviting your input and feedback. Please continue to pray and open yourself to the Holy Spirit in what He seeks to do among us and St. Jacob’s.

    Living The “Ordinary” Christian Life (Summer Catechesis Beginning June 11th)

    For all ages at 9am

    Our focus throughout the summer will be Implications of the Gospel; How Shall We Live? What does it mean for the Gospel to be expressed in our lives, specifically in how we handle vices and virtues in the Christian life? Each Sunday will be a different conversation on vices/virtues from a variety of voices from the congregation.

    Youth will be exploring similar topics, but in the areas they currently face or will encounter down the road such as identity, technology, relationships, etc. All with the question of how to integrate the Gospel into everyday life.

    Our children will begin a new summer Storymakers curriculum focusing on God’s people going through the wilderness. They will learn more about God’s faithfulness to us, even when life is hard!

    Ordinary Time Wednesday Evenings

    Throughout the summer we will meet at various homes in the Canton area focusing on fellowship, Family Early Evening Prayer, and light conversation on the collect of the day. We will begin June 7th at 6:30pm. Location is TBD, but if you are interested please contact David Beer.

    Chad’s (Lord willing) Ordination to the Priesthood

    Mark the date down now! May 26th for Chad’s, Lord willing, Ordination to the Priesthood. This is an exciting day for both Chad, but especially the life of St. John’s Anglican Church. We would love for all of us to come together and celebrate a historic day with him. We are currently working through all the details, but for now, please mark the date, plan to attend, and pray for Chad in this new phase of ministry for him.

    Trinity Sunday Catechesis

    June 4th is Trinity Sunday marking our transition into what is commonly called Ordinary Time. Join us for a special focus in catechesis on why the doctrine of the Trinity matters for the Christian life.

    Breeze Online Giving and Giving to Chad’s Curacy

    Thank you to all who give to St. John’s Anglican Church. We are so grateful for your support to continue the mission of the Church. As an update to online giving through Breeze, you may or may not know that they charge a processing fee whenever you give online. It is a small percentage of your gift. However, there is an option for you to cover the processing fee in your giving if you so choose. This allows St. John’s to keep 100% of what you give online. You should be able to see the option when you choose to give on the website or on Breeze. Also, there is an option on our website to give to Chad’s Curacy. Simply click donate and you should see the option. Thank you again for your generosity!

    Fr. Joe Vacation

    Fr. Joe will be away the first two weeks of June. If you need any pastoral assistance, please contact Chad. Pray for safe travels and rest!

    How Can I Serve at St. John's?

    There are plenty of ways to serve at St. John’s and we would love for you to join in on what God is doing in the church. Below you can see all the different ways to serve. No special skills required, simply a willingness to learn and grow in service.

    Acolyte Ministry – Carrying the cross, assisting at the table, and learning more about the Anglican Way.
    Altar Guild – Preparing the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion before the service and developing a sense of holiness in worship.
    Readers – Approaching God’s Word with boldness and declaring it to the people.
    Hospitality – Providing food, setting up and cleaning up the area, and making space for all people to feel welcome and belong. We also hold special events throughout the Church calendar preparing feasts together.
    Gospel Play – Experience catechesis with our children with interactive materials enhancing biblical narratives within the liturgical calendar. It is a lot of fun!
    Ushers/Greeters – Welcome people as they come to church, especially newcomers, handing out bulletins, and passing the plates for the offering.
    Music – We would love to expand our music ministry with your various gifts. Do you play an instrument? Are you a gifted singer? Come join the team!

    We hope to develop these ministries with more lay leadership. In the meantime you can contact Fr. Joe, Dcn. Chad, or Maggie if you interested in participating or even taking leadership in these various ministries.

    The Daily Office

    Interested in a simple way to pray the daily office from the Book of Common Prayer? Follow this link for text and audio versions of the morning, noon, and evening prayer services taken directly from the 2019 ACNA BCP.

    Contact Fr. Joe

    I am here for you. If you would like to grab some coffee or other beverages, or would like a home visit, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: frjoe@stjohnscanton.org

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