Weekly Dispatch, February 26th, 2020
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St. John's Weekly Dispatch, v. 2

Special Dates to Remember

  • Wednesday, 2/26 - Ash Wednesday Service at 6:30 p.m.
  • Monday, 3/2 - Eagle & Child begin a new series on Lenten Poems
  • Thursday, 4/9 - Maundy Thursday service at 6:30 pm
  • Friday, 4/10 - Good Friday service at 6:30 pm
  • Easter Sunday, 4/12 - Potluck & easter egg hunt after Church (at the Hollon's)
  • Sunday, 4/19 - Confirmations and Visitation from Archbishop Foley Beach
  • Check the bulletin for birthdays!
Dear friends in Christ,

Today is Ash Wednesday, so this evening we will celebrate with the traditional Ash Wednesday liturgy, which includes the imposition of ashes and Holy Eucharist. If you want to learn more about Ash Wednesday, then I encourage you to read the essay at this link, where you will also find resources for understanding and participating in the disciplines of Lent.

If you've been participating in adult catechesis, then you may want to prepare for this coming Sunday by reading the introduction to the 10 commandments, which I've posted below. Just as we did last week, I will select a few questions in this section to discuss, and you are encouraged to bring your own comments and questions. We will make our way through all of the 10 commandments before Easter Sunday, which will wrap-up this season of catechesis.

Also, the Eagle & Child group is reading through a book titled Word in the Wilderness, and you can purchase it at this link. I know that several people who do not attend the reading group are using this book for Lenten meditations, so you may want to purchase a copy for yourself. Malcolm Guite, the author, is a somewhat renowned poet so this book will be worth your time.

The season of lent is a good time to pause, reflect, and reorient ourselves to God's abundant and sanctifying grace. I pray we all practice a holy lent and grow closer to the one who suffered for us in the process.

The Peace of Christ,


Introducing the 10 Commandments

The following is excerpted from To Be A Christian: An Anglican Catechism Jesus Christ calls his disciples to respond to God in three basic ways: by believing in Jesus and God’s revealed truth about him, by belonging to Jesus and communing with God through him, and by becoming like Jesus in doing God’s will. The Holy Spirit enables us to …
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Listen to Sunday's Sermon Online

"I Am the True Vine," Bryan Hollon

A message from the series "The I Am Statements." Fr. Bryan preaches on John 15:1-17 and Jesus statement, "I Am the True Vine."
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Pray the Daily Office

Interested in a simple way to pray the daily office from the Book of Common Prayer? Follow this link for text and audio versions of morning, noon, and evening prayer. The site is hosted by our friend, Fr. Michael Jarrett.


If you have questions about any of the content contained in this email or want to learn more about St. John's Anglican Church, please let us know. You can fill out a form at this link, and you will receive a response from Fr. Bryan.

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