Weekly Dispatch, January 29th, 2020
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St. John's Weekly Dispatch, v. 2

Special Dates to Remember

  • Monday, 2/3 - Eagle & Child at 6:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, 2/16 - Potluck & Business Meeting after church.
  • Wednesday, 2/26 - Ash Wednesday Service at 6:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, 4/19 - Confirmations and Visitation from Archbishop Foley Beach
  • Check the bulletin for birthdays!
Dear friends in Christ,

We are in the middle of the Epiphany season now, and all is well. For this coming Sunday, our focus passage will be John 10:1-31 where we find Jesus' statements, "I am the door of the sheep," and "I am the Good Shepherd." Daniel Semelsberger will be preaching, and I will preside.

Also, please note that we are planning an Ash Wednesday service for 6:30 p.m. on February 26th. Although it would be nice to hold this service in the morning, very few of our members would be available to attend. Ash Wednesday is a good opportunity to invite others to church since it does not take place on a Sunday, and many non-Anglican protestants are looking for a place to worship.

Speaking of Ash Wednesday, if you would like to begin preparing for the Lenten season, I heartily recommend the short essays linked below. All of these are written by reliable voices and can be found on the website, Anglican Pastor.
I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

The Peace of Christ,


What is Confirmation?

What is Confirmation?
At St. John's, we are going to have confirmations on the Sunday after Easter, April 19th, 2020. Archbishop Foley Beach will be with us to preach, preside and confirm new members at our church. For some of you, the idea of confirmation may be new, so I thought I would offer a very brief explanation of this traditional rite. In …
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Our Latest Sermon

Message: "I Am The Light of the World" from Bryan Hollon

A message from the series "The I Am Statements." Fr. Hollon preaches on Jesus' statement, I Am the Light of the World, from John 8:12-20.
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How You Can Pray This Week

acna prayerbook
If you were not in church on Sunday and would like to see the weekly prayer requests, please send an email to frbryan@stjohnscanton.org.

Pray the Daily Office
Interested in a simple way to pray the daily office from the Book of Common Prayer? Follow this link for text and audio versions of morning, noon, and evening prayer. The site is hosted by our friend, Fr. Michael Jarrett.


If you have questions about any of the content contained in this email or want to learn more about St. John's Anglican Church, please let us know. You can fill out a form at this link, and you will receive a response from Fr. Bryan.
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