Weekly Dispatch, August 14th, 2019
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St. John's Weekly Dispatch, v. 2

Dates to Remember & Links to RSVP

Dear friends in Christ,

Welcome to the first edition of St. John's Weekly Dispatch! From this point forward, you will receive an email every Wednesday with links to our latest sermon and blog posts, information about coming events, occasional fun facts, surveys and assessments, and more. Please share this newsletter by clicking on the social buttons above, or simply email it to a friend. We need your help to get the word out about St. John's!

On a more somber note, you may still be reeling from the shootings that occurred recently, as we are. We all know that our nation is terribly fractured, and it's hard to imagine a way forward. In a strange twist to the recent violence, the shooter in El Paso was right-wing and anti-immigrant while the Dayton shooter was an anti-Trump socialist. These are strange times, indeed. Many people are lonely, anxious, and searching for something to place their hope in.

St. John's can make a difference, at least locally. We can provide fellowship centered on the source of life Himself, and we can remember that the body of Christ is for the healing of the nations and races. You might be interested in a post that Fr. Bryan wrote last year on this subject. We can direct people to the solid ground of biblical truth, so let's be intentional about reading, marking, inwardly digesting, and sharing the Word of God. God's Truth is ancient but always good news; each of us is called to share it with others. We should also be faithful in prayer, especially for those suffering in the aftermath of this recent violence. The following is adapted from our new Prayerbook, and we hope you'll make it your own - joining your voice with Angels and Archangels and all the company of heaven.

O merciful Father, you have taught us in your holy Word that you do not willingly afflict or grieve the children of men: Look with pity on the sorrows of those suffering in the aftermath of these recent shootings. Remember them, O Lord, in mercy; nourish their souls with patience; comfort them with a sense of your goodness; lift up your countenance upon them; and give them peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Grace & Peace,
Bryan+ and Sean+

How You Can Pray This Week

For Sarah Abshire’s Aunt
Sarah Abshire’s aunt Kim has an aggressive, inoperable brain tumor. Sarah and her family are traveling to be with her.

For MJ Bartlemay
MJ Bartlemay, a friend of several of our members and who is associated with the CS Lewis Institute, has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. MJ will be having surgery on September 3rdand will be in the hospital at least a week. It will be a very long surgery so please pray for MJ’s strength and for God’s ongoing presence as his treatment continues.

For Claire Hollon
Claire moves into her dorm at Baldwin Wallace this Friday, August 16th and then heads to a cross-country camp for several days before starting her first semester. Pray that she finds a good community of friends and that she will grow in grace and truth during her college years.

Pray the Daily Office
Interested in a simple way to pray the daily office from the Book of Common Prayer? Follow this link for text and audio versions of morning, noon, and evening prayer. The site is hosted by our friend, Fr. Michael Jarrett.

Our Latest Sermon

Our Latest Sermon
St. John's is a community where ordinary people are changed by the grace and goodness of Jesus Christ to become faithful members of His church and humble servants to a hurting world. We remain grounded in Jesus Christ by centering our life together in His Word & Sacraments. Click on the link below to hear our latest sermon.
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For All the Saints: The Virgin Mary, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ (August 15th)

On August 15th Anglicans around the world celebrate and commemorate the life of The Virgin Mary, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ. For Anglicans, the Feast of St. Mary the Virgin is a Red-Letter Holy Day, distinguishing it as a solemn high celebration. While many Christians have been given to excess in their devotion (or utter rejection thereof) to Mary, …
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For All the Saints: The Virgin Mary, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ (August 15th)

Anglican Worship 101

Anglican Worship 101
I am working with a great group of people to plant an Anglican church in Canton, Ohio where many Christians are unfamiliar with liturgical forms of worship. The following is thus a very brief introduction for those who are unfamiliar with classic liturgy. It may also serve as a helpful refresher for those who have worshiped this way for some …
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