Weekly Dispatch, November 11th, 2020
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St. John's Weekly Dispatch, v. 2

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A Message from Fr. Bryan

Dear Friends in Christ,

What a beautiful week we've just had! It reminded me of late Fall in Texas, and I do wish it would continue. However, I'm also looking forward to the cool-down, the beginning of a new season in the Church's calendar, and hopefully a gradual return to normal when the weather begins warming up in the Spring of 2021. I'll preach on 1 Thessalonians 5:1-10 this coming Sunday, but the following week is Christ the King Sunday and the closing of the liturgical year. This means that Advent is right around the corner! By the way, if you are visiting with us and have some interest in considering what Anglicans tend to believe, you might try this link. My sermon last week touched on some relatively controversial issues, and a general framework may be helpful for you.

Some of you were able to join us for the baptism of Natalie Mae McElrath (pictured below), and I apologize that the service began earlier than I said it would. For those of you who were not with us, I thought this picture might brighten your day! Natalie was beautiful, and her Father (Fr. Lawrence) cried his eyes out as he preached a brief homily directed specifically to her. Fr. Lawrence and Megan will now go into quarantine for several weeks before he travels to Afganistan to serve as the last Christian chaplain for the troops deployed there. Please pray for the McElraths during this time, and I will be sure to provide updates when I can. I will leave you with this picture, which is sure to lift your spirits more than anything I could write.

    Have a blessed week!

    Grace & Peace,

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    The Gathering of the Saints from Fr. Bryan

    Fr. Bryan Hollon continues his series on 1 Thessalonians, considering the meaning of Paul's words in chapter 4 regarding the ultimate coming of Christ at the end of the age. The sermon was preached at St. John's Anglican Church in North Canton, Ohio.

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    Interested in a simple way to pray the daily office from the Book of Common Prayer? Follow this link for text and audio versions of morning, noon, and evening prayer. The site is hosted by our friend, Fr. Michael Jarrett.

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